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Foot Patrols

Officers conduct foot patrols and business checks in the downtown area, as well as neighborhoods with reported problems. To request foot patrols in a particular location, please contact (856) 461-3434.
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Bike Patrols

Officers use police-equipped bicycles to patrol the township, which allows them to travel to places a vehicle cannot. These patrols are more difficult for criminals to detect and have resulted in numerous arrests. These officers also serve as role models to children by always wearing a helmet and demonstrating proper bicycle safety. Eleven of the department’s officers have attended a three-day training course on bicycle patrols.
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Ride Safe Program

During the summer, bicycle patrol officers reward children who comply with the helmet law by giving them coupons for a free ice cream cone. The Riverside Police Association and the Castle Harbor Drive-In fund this unique program. The Burlington County Sheriff’s Department also has provided more than 75 free bicycle helmets to kids.
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Citizen Police Academy

Riverside Police teach this free program, providing participants with an inside look at police work. Topics include:

  1. Powers of Arrest
  2. Use of Force
  3. Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  4. Driving While Intoxicated Enforcement
  5. Motor Vehicle Accident Investigation
  6. Domestic Violence
  7. Detective Services
  8. Court Process
  9. Patrol Tactics
  10. Criminal and Motor Vehicle Law

Participants also get to try a F.A.T.S. machine (firearms training simulator), which departments use to train police officers. This machine produces computer-generated, interactive scenarios, placing the student in shoot/don’t shoot situations that officers may encounter while on duty. Students then watch a live-fire demonstration involving various weapons. Students tour Burlington County Central Communications for an inside look at how the 911 system operates. Upon graduation, participants will experience a ride-along with an officer during his/her shift.
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Bicycle Registration

Residents may register their bicycles with the police department free of charge every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., or by appointment. The registration numbers help police locate stolen bicycles and return them to their rightful owners.
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Officers volunteer their time to make monthly visits to third grade students to promote safety and build lasting relationships. The police and students interact on a variety of levels, including educational, personal and recreational. Officers alternate one month with a safety message and one with a personal message.
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Public Speaking

Officers are available to speak to groups or organizations about numerous topics, free of charge. Topics include: Bullying, Home Security, Identity Theft, Scams on the Elderly, Internet Safety, Drug and Alcohol Prevention, and Bicycle Safety.
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Officer Phil Program

This program is directed toward children in kindergarten through fifth grade, and illustrates the importance of obeying the rules set by parents and society. It presents various problems and solutions in a manner children easily understand and readily accept.
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This education program provides fifth graders with the knowledge to make the right choices when it comes to drugs and alcohol. It also teaches problem solving techniques for everyday situations. Steps include defining the problem, assessing the choices, responding by making a choice and evaluating if the choice was the right decision.
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Youth Police Academy

This cooperative effort between the Riverside Police Department and the Burlington County Sheriff’s Department teaches children ages 7-12 what the police do in their community and also provides many safety tips. This class is held on three consecutive Saturdays, usually starting after the beginning of the school year.
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Explorers Program

Mission Statement:
The Riverside Police Cadet Explorer’s Program strives to meet and fulfill the Riverside Police Department’s Mission Statement through community service and teamwork. “Our mission is to promote the quality of life in Riverside by providing police services with integrity and a spirit of excellence, in partnership with our Community.”

The Riverside Police Explorers Post is an organization affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. The Explorers learn and experience different aspects of law enforcement under the supervision and guidance of members of the Riverside Police Department. Although they have no law enforcement authority, they often augment the Police Department by assisting with community related functions. The Explorers Program is open to youths between the ages of 15 and 21, many of whom have a desire to pursue a career in law enforcement. Interested parties should click the qualifications link below to see if he/she qualifies for the program. The activities of the Explorers include, but are not limited to, training, ride along, and community service, details of which can be found by clicking the activities link below. For further information about the Riverside Police Explorers Program, please contact Officer Anthony Cicali at 856-461-8820 or email him at acicali@riversidepolicenj.org

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School Resource Officer Program

This School Resource Officer (SRO) Program has been established to provide Police Officers for the Township’s Public Schools. The Officer will provide a variety of educational resources to the School Community, law enforcement information and advice to students and parents, and a positive law enforcement presence in the schools. The SRO is not intended to merely serve as security personnel in the schools, yet the presence of the SRO will serve as a security function.

The SRO will not enforce the school disciplinary policies. The school environment is a community unto itself. It remains, however, an integral part of the larger community of society in general. Although the members of the School Community are younger, the code of conduct remains the same. The SRO will enforce the law in the same unbiased and impartial manner as he enforces it in the larger Community.
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Community Caretaking Cards

When officers respond to a home, or business and the owner is not available, they leave behind these bright yellow, highly visible cards. The cards help bring attention to a problem such as a broken window, or unlocked door.
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Handicap Parking

Police are available to assist residents with the acquisition of temporary and permanent handicapped parking placards and signs.
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Domestic Violence Response Team

The Domestic Violence Response Team is a free service to victims of domestic violence. Area volunteers respond to instances of domestic violence and provide the victim assistance with housing, counseling and child care issues.

Click here for information on the DVRT
Click here for the DVRT Application
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Nuisance Complaints

Non-Emergency complaints, such as parking, residential overcrowding, abandoned vehicles, etc., should be reported to (856) 461-3434. The Police Department will look into the situation and take action, or refer it to the proper authority like Animal Control or Code Enforcement.
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The Burlington County Sheriff’s Department provides gun locks, which are available at the Police Station free of charge. Permits and applications for Riverside residents are processed through the Riverside Police Department. For your convenience, please make an appointment so we can ensure there is someone available to assist you.
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Alcohol Awareness Presentations

This program provides alcohol awareness to high school seniors during the week of their prom. Police and Emergency Services place a crash car on the school’s lawn, then conduct a staged drinking and driving accident using the vehicle and student volunteers. Students also attend a presentation by M.A.D.D.
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Click-it or Ticket

This grant-funded program has been awarded to the Riverside Police Department two times. The grant provides funding for officers to enforce seatbelt laws and promote traffic safety.
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Buckle-Up South Jersey

This grant provides funding for officers to enforce seatbelt laws and promote traffic safety.
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You Drink, You Drive, You Lose

This grant provides funding for officers to conduct sobriety checkpoints and Drunk Driving Enforcement Patrols.
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Home Security Program

This program aims to provide members of the Community with the necessary tools and information to ensure that their property is safe and secure. Arrangements can be made with the Police Department to have an officer come to their home or business to conduct a safety survey. Upon completion of the survey, the results will be explained and suggestions for improvements will be made. Please see the Home Security Survey and the Home and Apartment Security Checklist under the forms below for further information.
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Operation Take Back NJ

Operation Take Back New Jersey offers the public a safe way to dispose of medications in a safe and non-hazardous manner. This effort prevents medications from falling into the hands of juveniles, or into the illicit market. It also prevents the improper disposal of medications into the area water supply.
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Student Internship Program

The Riverside Township Police Department is committed to developing partnerships with the community through the Volunteers in Police Service Program.  An important part of the volunteer program is student internships, where students and the police department both benefit from shared experiences.

It is the policy of the riverside Township Police Department to provide a positive learning environment for interested college students to experience the various aspects and responsibilities of law enforcement first hand.  While working on operational, administrative and support functions, the intern is provided with an atmosphere of learning through a combination of hands-on and observational experiences.

Internship Instructions
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