Frequently Asked Questions

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 Frequently Asked Questions


    • What Number should I call for police assistance?
      • Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies, crimes in progress, serious injuries or any other matter requiring immediate police response.
      • To have an officer dispatched for something minor and not a crime in progress such as past tense damage to a vehicle call (856)461-3434. You will speak with a police dispatcher who can send an officer to you or contact you by telephone.
      • The direct number into the police station is (856)461-8820. If you dial that number it may not be answered but you will have the option of leaving a voicemail. This number is best used for routine questions not requiring an immediate response.


    • What are the township regulations for excessive noise, loud music, prohibited parking, etc.?
      • All Riverside Township ordinances can be found online here.


    • How do I request a copy of a report?
      • Copies of reports can be requested by completing a Discovery Request form and mailing it or dropping it off at the police station. When your discovery request has been fulfilled you will be notified to pick it up. (Discovery Request)
      • Motor vehicle accident reports may be picked up at the station after they have been reviewed.
      • You can contact Police Records Clerk Millie Abriola at (856)461-8820 ext. 116 or to inquire about a reports completion.



    • I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and didn’t call the police. How do I get a police report if I would like to report it later?


    • Can I pay a parking ticket or traffic ticket online?
      • Yes, to pay a parking or traffic ticket online click here.


    • I have a question about a court date, fine, or other court related matter, who should I call?
      • The phone number for Riverside Municipal Court is (856)461-8820 ext. 122 or ext. 12.


    • I had a negative encounter with a Riverside Police Officer.  How do I file a report?
      • The Riverside Police Department accepts officer complaints 24/7  in person, in writing, or  by telephone.  You may choose to identify yourself or make your complaint anonymously.  Notification can also be made via email to the Chief of Police  or by calling (856)461-8820 ext. 111.


    • I had a positive encounter with a Riverside Police Officer.  How can they be commended?
      • The Riverside Police Department strives to provide outstanding service to the community.  If you received outstanding service from our officers, we’d like to know.  Notification can be made via email to the Chief of Police  or by calling (856)461-8820 ext. 110.
    • I have a question about procedures for T- and U-Visa Nonimmigrant Status Applications.  Where can I find more information?

      • The Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office Directive for T and U Visas can be found by clicking here.