Emergency Alerts

Nixle Program

This program provides members of the community with alerts and information. “Receive real-time Riverside Township Police alerts and emergency information directly to your e-mail or cell phone. Stay informed by clicking below.”

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Emergency Notification System

The Riverside Township Police Department has instituted the “Emergency Notification System.” This interactive system is designed to provide citizens with information on how to make their neighborhoods safer. It is designed to make broadcast announcements to pre-registered telephone numbers. Some examples of how the Emergency Notification System will be used are: missing person alerts, emergency evacuations, public service announcements, investigation assistance, search and rescue operations, prison escape alerts, hazmat emergency response notification and sexual offender and predator notices. Note: The system is designed to leave a message only after it has recognized some type of greeting, i.e. a person answering the telephone or from an answering machine. The System is capable of automatically and systematically collecting “published” telephone numbers from Verizon for input into our database. However, if you use a telephone carrier other than Verizon, your information must be collected and manually entered into the system. Township staff is in the process of acquiring “non-published” telephone numbers from Verizon. To better assist the residents and businesses of Riverside Township who use a carrier other than Verizon; have an unlisted telephone number; voice over internet protocol (VOIP) number; or for those who only use a cellular telephone and would like to be contacted in the event of an emergency, the following resident information is needed. (Each address in town is limited to three phone numbers – home, cell, VOIP, etc.) With each telephone number, the subscriber will have to provide their name and address. (Example: John Smith, 123 Main St., Riverside, NJ 08075, home telephone number (856) 555-1212 or cellular telephone number (856) 555-1515) Your address is needed in order to GEO validate (place on the township map) each telephone number. Please click on the following link and provide the information necessary to subscribe to this service:
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